Monday, January 18, 2016

Ways Insurance Agents Should be Using Social Media

When you think of the ways you market yourself and your agency, social media may not be the first avenue you consider.  However, with nearly 1 in 4 people worldwide using social networks*, you are missing a huge opportunity if you choose not up jump on board with social media marketing.  See below digital snapshot to see how many people now have internet access, social media accounts, and note over half of the population are using mobile devices to access this information.

Knowing social media can play a key roll is obtaining new clients, how can agents harness this technology?

Here are 4 ways you can grow your business with social media.

1. Create a Business Page
Creating a business page on Facebook is the best way to be sure you separate your personal life from business.  You prospects want to see you in a professional way, not just where you went to eat last night or that you are binge watching Making a Murderer on Netflix.  Creating a business page also gives you the options to run paid ads to attract more people locally or nationally to your page.

2. Be Personable
While this may seem contradicting to #1, being authentic and personal is important when in comes to marketing on social media.  People come to social media to be entertained and to take a break from the "real world", not to be sold something.  While staying professional is important, make sure you are not blatantly trying to sell your products on a consistent basis.  Your posts should be informative and relevant to the audience you are trying to target.  When they are ready to buy, they will know you are the expert and will come back to you for advice and ultimately the sale.

3. Follow industry news and carrier pages
While you want to make sure you have a good amount of original content, keeping up with and sharing news from resources such as LifeHealthPro ( will show you keep up with industry changes and are an expert in the insurance field.  Carriers also have the resources to make some great creative images that you can share if you are not a Photoshop expert.  Just make sure you do not fall into the trap of solely sharing news without giving any opinions of your own.  Always point out why your followers should take the time to read the article you are sharing, or just give a quick highlight of the article for them.      

4. Be Consistent
This is one of the most important things to remember when beginning to market on social media.  Posting consistently can be tough, especially during open enrollment times when agents get busy, but there are programs such as that will let you schedule posts ahead of time.  Pick a time each week to schedule at least one post a day so that you will always have fresh content.  You can always post and share content in real time throughout your day.

For more information on how to begin using social media to market yourself, my webinar on Marketing Your Digitally is a great free resource for you to use.  

Happy Marketing!

Emily Mathis 


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